Avoid contact with chemicals: Gold-plated jewelry is susceptible to damage from chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, and cleaning agents. Wait for these products to completely dry before wearing your gold-plated jewelry

Avoid water and moisture: Keep your gold-plated jewelry away from water, especially saltwater and swimming pool water, as the chemicals in the water can damage the gold plating. Remove your gold-plated jewelry when washing hands, bathing, or doing household chores.

Regular cleaning: Gently wipe your silver-plated jewelry with a soft cloth to remove dirt and tarnish. You can use specialized silver jewelry cleaners or make a mild cleaning solution. After cleaning, dry the jewelry thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing it.

Storage: Store your silver-plated jewelry in a dust bag or jewelry box, away from sunlight and humid environments to reduce the chances of oxidation. You can also include a desiccant to absorb moisture when storing.

Avoid chemicals: Keep pearl jewelry away from contact with cosmetics, perfumes, and hair spray, as they can damage the appearance and luster of the pearls

Gentle cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe pearl jewelry to remove dirt and oils. Avoid using cleaners or brushes that can scratch the pearl surface

Separate storage: Store pearl jewelry separately from other jewelry to prevent rubbing and scratches. It’s best to place pearl jewelry in a soft cloth or velvet pouch to protect them from external impacts