About youandme jewellery

youandme is a healing jewelry brand dedicated to bringing inner peace and joy through exquisite jewelry pieces. Our mission is to provide elegant and unique jewelry that allows each wearer to feel love and warmth.

Our Story

Founded in 2023, youandme draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the pursuit of a serene life. We aim to convey inner calm and healing power through our jewelry.


Product Features

Our accessories combine simple and elegant designs, emphasizing natural beauty and exquisite details. Crafted from carefully selected natural materials such as pearls, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver, each piece is meticulously made. Drawing inspiration from elements of nature such as flowers, starry skies, and the ocean, they symbolize hope, tranquility, and beauty.

Just like a daisy that symbolizes purity and new beginnings, our earrings embody a sense of optimism and joy. The intricate craftsmanship ensures that every petal is meticulously shaped, allowing the earrings to showcase the dainty elegance of a real daisy.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the world’s leading therapeutic accessory brand, helping more people find inner peace and joy through our accessories. By continuously innovating designs, enhancing quality, expanding international markets, we aim to create more accessories with healing powers.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials to minimize our impact on the environment.