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Warm yourself up with our jewelry, bringing happiness into your life.

In a city where Berlin’s skies stay grey, our pieces aim to heal and uplift. Let our jewelry brighten your day and bring a touch of joy to your world.

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Golden Leaflet Pearl Ear Clip

The clip-on earrings take inspiration from the graceful forms of leaves found in nature. Reflecting the organic beauty of leaves and their delicate stems, we have crafted the earrings with gold-plated materials. Nestled below, a refined Baroque pearl adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The design celebrates the enchanting allure of leaves, capturing their effortless elegance and natural contours. The long silhouette of the earrings embodies the graceful elongation seen in leaves, creating a harmonious balance between nature’s beauty and artistic expression.




Minimalist Serenity Earring

Our minimalist earrings from the artist series epitomize simplicity and authenticity. 18k plated gold gracefully embracing a jade stone. Both elements are stripped down to their essential forms, without any extravagant embellishments.

Inspired by the purity of nature, this design encapsulates the essence of minimalism. The jade stone, in its unadorned and understated beauty, reflects our commitment to authenticity and reverence for natural materials. Its pristine form celebrates the elegance that arises from simplicity, allowing the stone’s inherent characteristics to shine through.